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What is Creometry?

A state of the art managed platform for modern applications

Creometry allows developers to run auto-scaling containers on kubernetes, in a 'serverless' fashion; without having to manage servers nor kubernetes itself. It is built on the best of open-source software to deliver a developer-friendly experience through automation and essential security features provided out-of-the-box.

When using Creometry, you can:

Build new micro-service applications or extend existing systems with new functions

Focus on delivering applications faster instead of spending time provisionning servers

Leverage automated workflows and enable agile collaboration across teams


Because you are not a one man army

Lower overhead

Full automation enables you to focus on writing code and shipping new features instead of managing infrastructure

Secure out-of-the-box

Encrypted network and storage, without any additional effort

High availability

Your services scale automatically upon traffic increase/decrease so you can sleep at night

Reduced cost

When there is no incoming user requests, applications scale down to ZERO, so you never pay for idle!

Modern & Agile

Build independent services to integrate with existing or new systems in any of the popular programming languages

100% Open-Source

Harness the power of a cloud native stack built on Kubernetes and other open-source software



Level up your skills and become a certified 'creometrist', with trainings that will put you ahead of the curve: Linux, Go programming language, Kubernetes for micro-service applications.


Building a cloud application? Are you a startup with a unique internet business idea? Get the help you need to build it and host it.


Whether it is on the cloud or on premise, we assist you through the process of modernizing your software and migrate from VMs to containers for higher cost-efficiency and improved quality of service

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, head to the documentation section.

  • A cloud service offering that enables individual developers, teams and organizations to deploy application containers and manage them remotely.

  • A container is a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.

  • It means "no server operations". The classic definition of 'server-less' refers to an arhitecture pattern known as function-as-a-service (FaaS).

  • Containers can package any application. When cobined with serverless concepts, a function may be anything; a micro-service, a web-site, a data-base or even a monolithic application.

  • Serverless automates infrastructure operations and removes human intervention by default, thus lowering the risk of error occurence. Additionally, all services get automatic TLS to encrypt traffic and default isolation to prevent them from talkng to other services when they are not supposed to. Learn more about security in creometry.

  • Whether your servers are on the cloud or on-premise, you can use creometry's stack to run containers on kubernetes. For assistance planning and executing your migration strategy, contact our sales team.

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